WE NEED YOUR HELP! We could not offer this program without your time and support. Our band program is always expanding and engaging our nearly 800 band students in new experiences. It truly takes a village to support our band.


In the coming weeks, we will need to secure volunteers for help in many areas. Check back here for more volunteering opportunities, look in Band Notes, or go to the Charms Volunteering Calendar. No experience required!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

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We are always looking for volunteers!

Please sign up and get on our list of volunteers! 







Where do we need your help?


Throughout the year, we have a variety of events and activities where you can get involved! 

We need help with :

  • Hot Dog Lunches - On the first day of band camp, we feed our 300 hungry band kids a hot dog  lunch. 

  • Band Camp BBQ - On the Thursday night of band camp, we will have an all island band family BBQ. Great food, fun activities (one year we dunked the directors), and a great way to get to know each other before the school year starts.

  • Band Together - In late fall, the Mercer Island Schools Band Booster holds THE party of the year, Band Together! If you would like to volunteer, sponsor, donate, or procure for this event, contact bandtogether@misbb.org.

Marching Band Uniforms

It takes a village keeping 300 band students in uniforms that fit as they continue to grow into young adults.  For the marching band, the uniform is jacket, bibs (pants), shako (hat), dinkles (shoes), white gloves, black socks, and a black t-shirt. 

We need help with :

  • Uniform Sizing - Late spring we need help measuring and sizing the kids for their uniforms for the upcoming season

  • Uniform Fitting & Distribution - A couple of evenings after band camp, we will distribute and fit uniforms to our marching band students. 

  • Game nights and performances - Before and after a performance, we need help making sure everyone is in their proper uniform heading out and has put everything away properly as they are headed back in

Marching Band Game Night

For every home football game, our high school band marches from the school to the stadium, performs on the field and in the stands, then comes back to the Amphitheater to perform for the 5th quarter event. 

We need help with the:

  • Traffic Crew - Keep the kids safe from cars as they march from the high school to the stadium before the game and vice versa after the game. 

  • Equipment Crew - Set up the ladders, platform, and equipment needed for the halftime show and tear down and return it after the game.

  • Uniform Help - Before the game, we need help making sure the kids look sharp for their performance and after the 5th Quarter celebration, make sure the kids are properly hanging up their uniforms for the next performance.

  • Plume Distribution - A few minutes before halftime, the kids will enter the track and we will put in the plumes.  After the halftime performance, we take the plumes out.

  • Water Crew - Keep our band crew hydrated and happy while in the stands.

How to sign up to help

  1. Go to Charms

  2. Enter school code: MercerIslandBand

  3. Click on the Volunteer Tab until you see the game or performance you are interested in helping.

  4. Enter your information (your email and phone will be private) and

  5. Click on "Sign Up"