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It takes a village to run a band crossing six schools and eight grades. We need your help!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

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All Island Band Night - Food Truck Frenzy

The Food Truck Frenzy is a must attend activity for many families before AIBN. Families can listen to jazz while enjoying dinner. Sign up to help monitor the area. 


Fri, Oct 21




Mercer Island High School

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Band Together 2022 Volunteers

Kids love our tradition of All Island bands marching down from the high school to the stadium.  Please sign up for traffic duty to keep our kids safe. No experience required


Sat, Nov 5




Stroum Jewish Community Center

Volunteer activity isn't listed above?

​If you can't find the opportunity you are looking for in the items above, you can always go to Charms and sign up on the volunteer calendar directly.  Here's how:

  1. Go to Charms

  2. Enter school code: MercerIslandBand

  3. Click on the Volunteer Tab until you see the game or performance you are interested in helping.

  4. Enter your information (your email and phone will be private) and

  5. Click on "Sign Up"

Examples of Volunteer Opportunities

Events and Activities

Throughout the year, we have a variety of events where we would love your help! Field trips and impromptu activities are always coming up, watch your email for these.  

Band Camp Monday 37.jpg

Hot  Dog Lunch

On the first day of band camp, we need help feeding our hungry MIHS band kids a hot dog lunch.

band Camp bbq 5.jpg

Band Camp BBQ

Join our All Island Band BBQ. Great food, fun (dunk the directors), and a great way to get to know each other before the school year starts. 

Band Together

In early November, MISBB holds THE party of the year, Band Together! Contact if you'd like to help.

MIHS Marching Band Game Night

For every home football game, our high school band marches from the school to the stadium, performs on the field and in the stands, then back to the Amphitheater to perform for the 5th quarter event. We need volunteers to keep them safe and looking good! No previous volunteer experience is required!


Traffic Crew

Keep the kids safe from cars as they march from the high school to the stadium before the game and vice versa after the game. 


Plume Distribution

A few minutes before halftime, the kids will enter the track and we will put in the plumes.  After the halftime performance, we take the plumes out.

JTC_0301 (2018-10-28T00_45_48_edited.jpg

Equipment Crew

Set up the ladders, platform, and equipment needed for the halftime show and tear down and return it after the game.

JTC_4828 (2018-10-06T15_21_34_edited.jpg

Water Crew

Keep our band crew hydrated and happy while in the stands.

uniform game.jpg

Uniform Crew

Before the game, make sure the kids look sharp and after the 5th Quarter celebration, make sure the kids hang up their uniforms for the next performance.

Marching Band Uniforms

It takes a village keeping 300 band students in uniforms that fit as they continue to grow into young adults.  The uniform is a jacket, bibs (pants), shako (hat), dinkles (shoes), white gloves, black socks, and a black t-shirt. 

Uniform Sizing

Late spring, we need help measuring and sizing our band kids for their uniforms for the upcoming season.

Uniform Fitting

A couple of evenings after band camp, we will distribute and fit uniforms to our MIHS marching band students.

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