MIHS Band Camp

Band Camp 2019

August 19-23, 10am-5:30pm

MIHS Stadium

Band camp is a great way to get back in the swing of things for school, reconnect with friends, and get launched to a great marching band season!

Each day every student will be asked to bring with them their instrument, music (printed from Charms), a music lyre, a pencil, plenty of water (a medium water jug is appropriate, lunch for midday break, and a great attitude. We will begin playing the very first day.

Please read the detailed email from the band directors for details about band camp, the uniform fittings, band camp BBQ, Friday performance, music to download from Charms, and more.  If you did not receive this email, please contact our band administrator.


With a full Marching Band performance on Friday morning, we have very little flexibility with uniform distribution and getting each of our students into a uniform so, please, please, please show up on your uniform day to be fitted and receive your uniform


Monday, August 19th - ALL Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores need to sign up for a time slot after Band Camp to come by the Band hallway to pick up their uniform:


Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores click here to pick a time


Tuesday, August 20th - ALL Freshmen need to sign up for a time slot after Band Camp to come by the Band hallway to pick up their uniform:


Freshmen click here to pick a time slot to pick up uniforms


Volunteer help

We, of course, could not do this without the support and talent and time from countless Band parent volunteers.  This all works because of each of them.  We need help this Band Camp week.


Our amazing Band Uniform Moms (or 'Bosses of the Outfits' as described by one of our district kindergarteners) shared this letter with all of us:


Dear wonderful Super Band Parents,


Once again, we need your help!  This is the time of uniform fitting.  We have measured your kids in the spring and have assigned them uniforms.  Now, we have to see if they fit them.


The most need is on Tuesday (the FRESHMEN day).  Most of them will not know what to do.  Also, this year we are performing on the Friday of the Band Camp at the Boeing Golf Classic (we will be on TV!) so the kids NEED their uniforms all ready to go.


Uniform volunteer help - We need help!  Please

Our program wouldn't work without our parents and alumni volunteers.  If you can join us for part or all of this time, we'd love to have you.  


Monday, Aug 19 -- 5:15 to 8pm 

Click here to help


Tuesday, Aug 20 - 5:15 to 8pm 

Click here to help


We also need help before the performance on Friday

If you can spare an hour or two to help our band kids with their uniforms for the Golf Classic performance, please click on this link to sign up.  FRESHMEN NEED HELP!  Did I say that enough times?  All band kids are our kids.  So please come help!

Click here to help


Hot dog lunch help

The hot dog lunch is now FRIDAY after the performance, not Monday.  Kids will be starving after the performance, and then the official photos.  They will be beyond grateful.

Click here to help


Thank you awesome band parents!  Love you all!


Ivy and Tammy

Bosses of the Outfits (BOTO)

MIHS Marching Band

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