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Band Class FAQs

What music books are required and where can I get them?

These are the IMS music books for this year's classes. They can be found at most music vendors or on-line or at our Trading Post. Note they are instrument specific - so make sure to buy the specific one for your child's instrument.

6th grade: Essential Elements 2000, Book 2 (red on top)

7th grade: Essential Technique 2000, Book 3 (green on top)

8th grade: Foundations for Superior Performance in Band by William and King (blue)


What supplies does my 7th and 8th grader need?

7th graders and all new 8th graders will need a maroon IMS polo shirt.  These are $20.00.  Payment may be made through our payment tab on our IMS ASB electronic platform which is accessed through our IMS website. All 7th and 8th graders will need to purchase a binder for $5.00.


                IMS ASB payment portal

Instrument FAQs


What instrument accessories does my band student need?

All 7th and 8th graders will need to purchase a lyre.  Consider also an instrument stand.  This prevents an enormous amount of unneeded repairs. 


Remember reeds, valve oil, and anything else that will make your child's instrument easy-to-use. 

If your student is interested in switching instruments, make sure to check out the recommended instruments lists before renting or purchasing at a music vendor.

How can I help my child improve?

While never a requirement, private instruction (partnered with practice) is one of the best methods for your student to improve their instrument ability.  Our Mercer Island Schools Band Boosters has collected a list of private instructors who have been exceptionally supportive of our Mercer Island students.   


If your student wants an opportunity for additional practice while having fun, there are IMS instrument clubs after schools.  Talk to your band directors on how to sign up.

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