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The Mercer Island High School Band program is powered by an impressive middle school band program available to all Islander grade 6-8 students. Enrichment opportunities for small ensemble playing are also available for motivated students. Check out what is happening with the IMS Bands or Jazz Bands


6th Grade Band

The sixth grade band offers students an exciting year of expanding musical technique and experience in becoming musicians, and meets every other day in small groups of differing instrumentation. The class emphasizes structured skill development in a fun environment.

7th Grade Band

The seventh grade band is an exciting continuation of the excellent sixth grade band. It meets every day and in much larger groups, typically in different subgroup arrangements. These will include two equal concert bands, woodwinds, brass and percussion subgroups as well as individual sectionals. The class emphasizes both skill development and group performance of band literature.

8th Grade Band

The eighth grade band is the culminating band experience for students at IMS and springboards to the stellar high school band program. Curriculum shifts to include a greater emphasis on performance band works and less on technique books. 

Jazz Band

Seventh and eighth graders are invited to join the middle school jazz bands. Practices are held in the morning before school.  Learn more about Mercer Island's Jazz program.

Learning more

Mr. Bentley, Mr. Krieger, Mr. Thompson, and Ms. Smith are your IMS band student's directors.  Learn more about what to expect from the program and find answers to some of your questions in the IMS Bands FAQ section


What's happening now?

Bookmark the IMS Latest Happenings page and make sure you are receiving emails from the directors via Charms and the monthly Band Notes. Please send a message to Jen if you are not receiving either of these emails.