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Trombone Recommendations

Instrument Rental or Purchase

We are fortunate to have several excellent music vendors in our area, all of whom provide quality instruments and repair services.  It is important that students and their parents select instrument from the recommended list.  Beginning student level instruments vary widely in terms of quality.  We want all of our students to have every opportunity for their best success playing their instrument.  An instrument of poor quality can be frustrating and difficult to play.  Students have trouble playing well, and don’t realize that it’s not their fault, it’s because of the instrument!  

Recommended Trombone Brands

A critical component to your child's success as a musician is the quality of his/her instrument.  Unfortunately, all brands are not created equal!  Below is a list of instrument brands we have found to be of consistently high quality.  We encourage you not to compromise your child's opportunity for success.

Yamaha YSL 354, Getzen 351 (or 300-400 series), King 605 or 606, Bach TB200,

Bundy, Conn, Holton, Jupiter, Olds, Besson, Blessing

No such list can be all-inclusive. The directors are happy to look at other instruments upon request.

Trombone Features

When picking a student instrument, look for the following features:

  • Slide

  • Nickel inner slide, no signs of wear

  • No dents on outer or inner slide

  • Inner and outer slide is aligned properly, not sprung

  • Clean!

  • Slide moves smoothly, no resistance or catches

  • Standard American dimensions and weight

  • Medium to heavy gauge materials

  • Solder and brace workmanship

  • “Slotting” and pitch center

  • Water key working and not leaking

Required music items include:

  • Folding music stand

  • Book (see Recommended Instruments for the appropriate grade level book)

  • Lyre and flip folders: used for marching band and/or All Island Band Night

Trombone Accessories

  • 7C, 6 1/2 AL, 5GS or comparable mouthpiece (highly recommended)

  • Yamaha Slide Lubricant or Slide-O-Mix Rapid comfort silicone based slide lube

  • Cotton Cloth

  • No slide oil please

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