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Thank you!

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

It takes a village to make our inclusive 5th - 12th grade bands run! Thank you to all of our parents who helped feed our kids on the first day, get our high schoolers measured and fitted into uniforms, helped our 5th graders so they can select the instrument of their choice, and who created a community event that kicked off our band year in style!

A special shout out to:

  • the hot dog lunch team leads Cat Martin, Leslie Kinder, Gloria Wolfe, and Michael Lill for organizing us so we can feed our kids on the first day of band camp,

  • the uniform team leads Jennifer Selby, Gloria Wolfe, Diana Lien, and Claudia Harner-Jay for helping us get our kids into uniforms,

  • the Bandcamp Barbecue leads Eunyoung Kim, Leslie Kinder, and Janet Smith for creating a flavorful and fun event for us to kick off the new band school year,

  • our Bandcamp Barbecue sponsors, the Cohen-Sanford family (dunk tank), Porteous family (dessert), the Sun-Ha family (grill), the Glick family (grill), and the Geer family (grill), and

  • the Mercer Island Schools Band Boosters for providing time and financial support to enable these many activities to happen!

And thank you to all of you who helped make these events happen! Thank you Kristin Hart, Jennifer Selby, Brian Selby, Jennifer Glick, Cody Sanford, Lori Cohen-Sanford, Michael Lill, Cliff Martin, Denise Garry, Yi Jiao Hong, Eric Borm, Lisa Wood, Chris Clarke, Gloria Wolfe, Erin Gurney, Grete Porteous, Scott Heydon, Tammy Heydon, Leslie Kinder, Danielle Orr-Bement, Sandra Schwarz, Gail Cromer, Leilani Paras, Janet Goldstein, Amy Fujishige, Sheri Blumenthal, Maia Richardson, Janel Foss, Jiamei Goodwin, Jen Dorre, Jaeyoung Park, Shelly Boyle, Sarah Mangold, Elaine Kierstead, Jodi Quickstad, Kurt Wedgwood, Karrie Sutkus, Don Sutkus, Julietta Bell, Andrea Holtan, Kim Wilenski, Lisa Wood, Petra Jennings, Jen Moeller, Mary Anne Eng, Ashley Jerath Tatum, Beth Hykes, Ellen Baker, Ida Woo, Janel Foss, Martha Brant, Debi Neyhart, Nicole Chen, Kathryn Ristuben, Jane Bove, Ivy Suzuki-Jaecks, Ren Jaecks, Susan Anderson, Joe Chen, Christine Lee, Kim Thunen, Lida Wu, Catherine Borm, Scott Ritchie, Grace MacCormack, Lisa Dong, Mark Wilenski, Christian Smith, Cliff Martin, Sara Marxen, Jon Sjothun, Harlan Feinstein, Suzanne Feinstein, Johan Valentin, Helena Kjellander Valentin, Marcus Valentin and all of the wonderful band kids that pitched in to help, especially whenever we did an emergency call out for help!

And to each and everyone of you who helped support these band activities, the band program, and especially all of our kids .... Thank you!

And if you are looking for more ways to help, check out our Volunteer page for new opportunities to get engaged!


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