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2020 All State Ensemble

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Thorin Finch . All-State Concert Band-French Horn Tobias Glick . All-State Symphony Orchestra-Trombone Jacob Grosof . All-State Symphony Orchestra-Trombone Yui Halvorson . All-State Concert Band-Trombone Ryan Huang . All-State Percussion Ensemble-Percussion Benjamin Kinder . All-State Symphony Orchestra-French Horn Aidan Klein . All-State Concert Band-Oboe Diane Lee . All-State Chamber Orchestra-Cello Cindy Huang . All-State Symphony Orchestra-Bb Soprano Clarinet Kellen Wedgewood   All-State Concert Band-Trumpet  Tyler Woo   All-State Symphony Orchestra- Bassoon Hannah Zhao     All-State Concert Band - Bassoon


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